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18 YEARS OF ...
Wow, my monthly tour updates have been going on (or should it be ongoing?) for 18 years. As Joe
Castiglione might say, "Can you believe it?" (Purely hypothetical. Joe is not on my mailing list.)

Even more unbelievable is that you guys have been reading it. From the bottom of my heart, I
thank you.

I've tried to provide all the latest news from my music career, from its humble rebirth in late 2001 to
the present. Which is still fairly humble, by the way. Over the 18 years, there have been 1,373
shows, six CDs (a total of 1,304 sold), numerous radio appearances and lots of fun. Thanks for your
support over the years.

The 2020 baseball season is right around the corner and so is my first baseball show. It's scheduled
for Wednesday, April 1, at the Watertown Public Library (7 p.m.). At this point, there are 14 more so
I’ll probably be coming to a town year you. Consider yourself warned.

The baseball shows are a mixture of original baseball songs, trivia, stories about my days as a
sportswriter and whatever else I can think of to make things interesting. There's a display of my
personal baseball memorabilia and a free raffle for my baseball CDs.

If you’re a baseball fan, you owe to yourself to come to a show. Or at least you owe it to me.
Whatever. Trust me, you'll have a good time. And they're all free.

For the upcoming schedule and more info, visit

We're edging close to 100 in mp3 and CD sales for this project. Musicians for Democracy supports
candidates and lawmakers who are committed to saving our democracy, which been under serious
attack the past few months.

One hundred percent of all sales will be donated to candidates and lawmakers who support
democracy. See for details.

If you’d like to listen to one of the songs, visit

Please help if you value democracy.

Sorry Zim. Couldn't resist.

Knock on Wood, my high-energy folk-rock duo, gets back into action March 8 with a show at the
Norwood Public Library (details below). We're starting to book up the outdoor summer shows, too.

Our first summer concert is June 24 in Bedford, N.H., and there are six more scheduled at this point.
We’re expecting to do about a dozen more outdoor shows and a few indoor concerts as well.

Our schedule is constantly being updated. For the latest info – as well as videos, bios, music clips
and other assorted propaganda – visit the
Knock on Wood web page.

I was very saddened to hear that Huey Lewis is being forced to end his music career (at the tender
age of 69) because of a rare ear disease. I was wondering why he hadn't been on tour recently,
so I checked out his website and got the bad news. OK, he hasn't had a hit in decades but Huey
and the News have some great albums and really rock in concert. Total bummer for him to go out
like this.

For a short video feature about this subject, see

Knock on Wood plays one of his songs, “If This Is It,” and we’ll have to make sure we do it this

Here's my concert schedule.