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I've had a very busy summer, playing 21 gigs in August and performing 16 outdoor concerts with
my folk-rock duo,
Knock on Wood. This has been our best year ever, with good crowds, great CD
sales and lots of fun. I'll be posting some videos from the summer tour very soon.

One of the highlights came on Aug. 20 when my son, Keith, sat in with us for seven songs. We
even did a duo together, for old time's sake. You can view our rendition of "For What It’s Worth"
by clicking

We have one more outdoor show left: Wednesday, Sept. 13, at City Square Park in Charlestown.
The show runs from 5:30-7 p.m. and, like all the others, is free. Rumor has it that Jennifer Newman
may be joining us to sing some backup vocals. Stay tuned.

Thanks to my new release, When You’re Happy, I've sold more CDs this year than ever before. Of
course "ever before" is a relative term but let’s just say it’s in three figures. And the new album is
approaching 100 in total sales. I realize that Bruce Springsteen and Adele sell that many in one-
tenth of a nanosecond but it would be a different story if they had to do all the packaging,
marketing and shipping.

If you'd like to be a part of this wave of prosperity, visit the
Buy a CD page and get in on the

I probably shouldn't be telling you this but there's a way to buy my CDs at seriously discounted
prices. It's on eBay. I only sell a handful a year this way and it's mainly for exposure since after I
pay all the fees and shipping, there's not a whole lot left for yours truly.

But if you do an eBay search for my name, you'll find them. Just make sure it’s my auction
(musiclover17) and feel free to order as many as you like. You'll also find a bunch of other folks
selling my stuff. They're not unhappy customers, just people who may have come across a radio
freebie or other promotional copy.

They probably downloaded the tracks and are now trying to make a semi-honest buck. These
other eBay offers are far more expensive than buying from me because they've figured out that
after paying all the fees and shipping, there's not a whole lot left over.

Last month, Nick Noble did his 10th annual baseball show on WICN in Worcester and he graciously
invited me to join him for the first three hours. Five of my recorded baseball songs were aired and I
also performed four songs live in the studio.

I've been on the show eight or nine times and it's always a blast. If you have a favorite baseball
song, please drop me a line and we'll see if we can get it one next year. Even if it isn't one of mine.

You can view the show's playlist

Really. Not kidding.

This has nothing to do with music but a friend of mine recently visited the Baseball Hall of Fame in
Cooperstown and there was a display about the designated hitter (DH) rule. It just so happens
that I organized a national media campaign to get rid of the DH (sorry, Big Papi) back in 1985 and I
must have sent the Hall of Fame a Dump the DH bumper sticker.

Well, one of my bumper stickers is in a Hall of Fame display, along with my name. If you don’t
believe me, check out this

For a little background on the Dump the DH campaign, you can read
a story about it in Sports

Here's my concert schedule.