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Volume 2

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Doug Miller

From the opening words of "Why Did You Go, Johnny Damon?" on Howie Newman’s latest album, Baseball's Greatest Hits, Vol. 2, this Boston-based folk rocker, humorist, sports journalist and public relations maven shows you exactly why he belongs on this list of indie rock artists with baseball on their mind.


It's his second album of songs entirely based on the National Pastime, and all of them are as clever, biting and original as the Damon song.


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WICN-FM (Worcester Mass.)

Nick Noble

Baseball’s Greatest Hits, Volume 2 is a classic contribution to American popular culture. Nothing lends itself to our national pastime more than the folk music genre, and no one exemplifies it more than the creative sound of Howie Newman.


Wildy's World

Wildy Haskell

"Mendoza Line" may be one of the greatest baseball songs ever written. What else can you say

about an American rockabilly tune written about a shortstop from Mexico who once hit .198 for an

entire season?


You also absolutely must check out "It's The End of the Curse and We Know It," an R.E.M. spoof … about Boston Red Sox finally breaking "The Curse of the Bambino" with their 2004 World Series championship.


Howie Newman is always entertaining, and for a Red Sox fan. he's not a bad guy. Baseball fans will get a kick out of it, as will fans of country-tinged folk rock. This is definitely a worthwhile 20 minutes spent!


KRKO-AM (Seattle)

Jeff "The Fish" Aaron

Howie Newman's Baseball's Greatest Hits, Volume 2 is an awesome collection of songs. For the first time in 10 years, I took Led Zeppelin out of my CD player and replaced it with Howie's disc. "Mendoza Line" is my new "Stairway to Heaven."


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