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My originals are up-tempo and catchy and I'm good at engaging the crowd with short comedy bits, stories and lots of audience participation. When appropriate, we might add a few children's songs and music for senior citizens. It's family-friendly and a fun, interactive show.

For more information about Knock on Wood, including a song list and concert videos, click HERE.


I also play many solo concerts. The material and presentation is pretty much the same as what is described above. 

I have a great show for senior citizens, assisted living facilities, memory cafes and nursing homes. Click HERE for more info. 

For libraries, senior centers and other groups, I offer a special baseball show, which includes baseball
songs, baseball trivia and stories about my days as a sportswriter on the Red Sox beat. For
additional information, click HERE.

My rates are negotiable. Let's talk.

HOW FAR WILL I TRAVEL?                                                                
I live in the Boston area and will travel an hour and a half in any direction (except East, of course;
my amphibious vehicle is in the repair shop). I don't usually venture out of New England but make
me an offer I can't refuse, and I might just show up.

I have opened for the following national acts:








SOUND SYSTEM                                                                                       
I have a professional sound system that will accommodate any size room as well as outdoor

I'll help you publicize the event by contacting newspapers, magazines, radio stations and my
ever-expanding mailing list. I'll also provide photos and color posters. Just let me know what you

I'M SEMI-FAMOUS                                                                                    
My songs have been aired on radio stations all over the country, including 92.5 The River and
WUMB as well as the nationally syndicated Dr. Demento Show, Midnight Special and National Public Radio.


Click HERE for a partial list.


I've also appeared on TV several times. You mighty also want to check out my press clippings.

WHERE HAVE I PLAYED?                                                                   
Here's a 
list. You might actually recognize a few of these places.

MUSIC SAMPLES                                                                                                
Want to hear what I sound like? Click
HERE for tracks from my CDs or check out some live videos from Knock on Wood shows. I'm backed by a band on most of my CD tracks but when performing

live, I sound even better.

Send an e-mail to or call 781-662-2616 and I'll get back to you in 24
hours - or the first two songs are free.

  • Tom Paxton

  • Pure Prairie League

  • Brewer & Shipley

  • Bill Staines

  • Don White

  • Vance Gilbert

  • Modern Man

  • Seamus Kennedy

  • Lui Collins

  • Chuck Brodsky


Music samples      Boston Globe story      Press       Bio      Calendar


KNOCK ON WOOD, acoustic folk-rock duo

For most indoor and outdoor concerts, I play in a lively, acoustic duo, joined by a fiddle player/backup vocalist. We play a mixture of Classic Rock covers and my funny originals. The mix depends on the audience and venue.


As a general rule, we play more covers at outdoor events. You can let us know what works best for your audience. Either way, the songs are totally clean, suitable for all ages.

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