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WICN TOP 15 ALBUM of 2016

When You're Happy ($10)


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Tim Ray piano (Bonnie Raitt, Lyle Lovett, Aretha Franklin)
Billy Novick  clarinet, saxophone (New Black Eagle Jazz Band, Novick & Van Duser)
Jackie Damsky  fiddle          Joe Kessler  fiddle, mandolin          Janet Feld  backup vocals

Trust Me, You'll Like It ($10)


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1. Everybody's Talkin' on the Phone
2. Big in Belgium
3. Skeptical
4. Way Past My Bedtime
5. Drivin' in Boston is Drivin' Me to Drink
6. Thinkin' 'Bout You
7. Please Buy My Record
8. Weekend Warrior
9. Middle Age Love
10. Snow
11. Pushin' 30
12. Doug Mientkiewicz
13. Never Say Never

Duke Levine  acoustic and electric guitars, slide guitar, mandola (Mary Chapin Carpenter, Aimee Mann, J Geils Band)
Billy Novick  clarinet, soprano sax (New Black Eagle Jazz Band, Novick & Van Duser)
Jim Gambino  piano (Swinging Steaks)          Janet Feld  backup vocals


Baseball's Greatest Hits,
Volume 2 ($6)


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Baseball's Greatest Hits,
Volume 1 ($6)


1. AstroTurf

2. Utility Infielder Blues

3. Wait Until Next Year

4. Traded

5. Blasted in the Bleachers (live version)


Here We Go Again ($6)


1. My Baby Can’t Parallel Park
2. Our Kids Aren’t Kids Anymore
3. When You’re Happy, I’m Happy, too
4. Low Tech
5. The Ballad of Mike Hessman
6. Where is Everybody?
7. Reality Check
8. That Old Car
9. It’s Only Money
10. My Last Cup of Coffee


1. Why Did You Go, Johnny Damon?
2. Weekend Warrior
3. Mendoza Line
4. It's the End of the Curse and We Know It
5. Doug Mientkiewicz
6. Blasted in the Bleachers (studio version)

1. Products on TV

2. Getting Up Brings Me Down

3. Cosmic Garbageman Rag

4. Mustang Mania

5. Blasted in the Bleachers (studio version)

6. One Day on the Gas Line