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2024 CD release


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Boston-area singer-songwriter Howie Newman has released his third collection of baseball songs, Baseball’s Greatest Hits, Volume 3. It’s his first baseball album in 16 years and seventh release on Major League Records. The songs are published by Chin Music (BMI).


“Baseball lends itself to song more than any other sport,” explained Newman. “It’s probably the slow, deliberate pace, which enables fans to fully understand and identify players and dramatic situations. “Baseball also has the richest history, best nicknames and most distinctive jargon. It’s a songwriter’s nirvana. For me, anyway.”

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Remembering some of the great moments

Baseball’s Greatest Hits, Volume 3 recalls some of the game’s memorable, and most quirky, moments, such as Tony Cloninger’s two grand slams, Harvey Haddix’s 12-inning gem and Mike Hessman’s minor-league home run mark.


Newman also looks at baseball’s most unusual pitch and the long off-season of disappointment for teams that fell just short.

Hall of Fame

Like his two previous  baseball releases, Baseball’s Greats Hits, Volume 3 will soon be accepted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame Archive in Cooperstown, N.Y. In addition, his “Dump the DH” bumper sticker, part of a 1985 national campaign to get rid of the disgnated hitter, is on display in the main museum (left).


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Words and music by Howie Newman

(c) 2024 Howie Newman

Chin Music (BMI)

Listen to all tracks

The Ballad of Mike Hessman


The Other Tony C

A 12 Perfect Innings

Wait Until Next Year


acoustic guitars, harmonica, lead and backup vocals


Rob Ignazio  bass, electric guitar  (tracks 1 and 3)

Mark Morrissey  drums (3, 5)  

Doug Kwartler 

bass, drums, dobro, backup vocals, acoustic guitar

Jim Gambino piano (3, 5)    Dave Talmage  mandolin


Janet Feld  backup vocals (5)   Todd Glacy  drums (1)  

Tim Ray  piano (1)   Joe Kessler  fiddle


The Ballad of Mike Hessman

Mike Hessman holds the record for the most home runs hit in the minor leagues (433). Was it a blessing or a curse?



Dedicated to the memory of Tim Wakefield

Learn about the origin of this mystery pitch and some of its greatest practitioners, along with a bit of knuckleball trivia.


The Other Tony C

Tony Cloninger is the only pitcher ever to hit two grand slams in one game. With the advent of the universal DH (ugh!), it’s pretty safe to say this feat will never be equaled. 


Twelve Perfect Innings

The greatest game ever pitched was not a perfect game, a no-hitter or a shutout. It wasn’t even a victory. On May 26, 1959, Harvey Haddix of the Pittsburgh Pirates retired the first 36 Atlanta batters, only to lose in the 13th inning. You could look it up. Or just listen to the song. 


Wait Until Next Year

This song was inspired by the 1978 Red Sox, who squandered a 14-game lead and missed the playoffs despite winning 99 games (damn Yankees!). The title also recalls the ’40s-50s Brooklyn Dodgers, who played the Yanks seven times in the World Series, losing six.

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