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2017 CD release


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When You’re Happy named to WICN Top 15 list
(for details, click HERE)

This new collection of tunes by
Boston singer-songwriter Howie
Newman explores the various
facets of everyday life — marriage,
parallel parking, old cars,
parenthood and money — with a
mostly whimsical twist.

The widely varying arrangements
utilize piano, drums, bass, fiddle
guitars, mandolin, flute, clarinet
and saxophone to augment
Newman’s upbeat rhythms.


Produced by Howie Newman
©2016 Howie Newman   
Chin Music (BMI)

Listen to all tracks

My Baby Can’t Parallel Park

Our Kids Aren't Kids Anymore

When You're Happy, I'm Happy, too

Low Tech

The Ballad of Mike Hessman
(Minor League Home Run King)

Where is Everybody?
Recorded live in concert

Reality Check

That Old Car

It’s Only Money

My Last Cup of Coffee

It’s definitely not traditional folk music
The CD is equal parts country-rock, jazz, pop, swing, blues
and Americana, with tight arrangements and pleasing vocal

Six songs are humorous and the others provide poignant
moments that will resonate with people of all ages. The
clever lyrics and catchy music keep you tuned in.

Contributing musicians
The title track features Billy Novick’s jazzy clarinet riffs
weaving through Tim Ray’s nimble piano playing. Ray, a
longtime pianist for Lyle Lovett, has performed with the

legendary Aretha Franklin and Bonnie Raitt, and he really

shines on this CD, adding his dazzling keyboard work on

two other tracks.

Other fine performances include Joe Kessler’s funky fiddle
licks on "That Old Car" and some nifty flute accompaniment
by Newman’s son Keith on "Reality Check."

Refreshing and fun
When You’re Happy strikes a nice balance between
lighthearted fun and the things that touch our deepest
emotions. The lyrics — and music — will keep you smiling


Howie   acoustic guitars, harmonica, lead/backup vocals
Tim Ray   piano

Billy Novick   clarinet, saxophone

Joe Kessler   fiddle, mandolin

Jackie Damsky   fiddle, backup vocals

Rob Ignazio   bass, electric guitar
Todd Glacy   drums
Keith Newman   flute, backup vocals
Jennifer Newman   backup vocals
Janet Feld   backup vocals

Recording engineers:
Rob Ignazio and Chris Farris
Mixing: Rob Ignazio
Mastering: Dave Locke, JP Masters

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