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We don’t care what the schedule says

We’re gonna go right out and bust some heads

The scouting reports are sure to attest:

We’re the toughest darn team in the whole Southwest


We’re the SMU Mustang men, we’re gonna win some games

But we won’t say when. Our greatest heights are yet to be known

We’ve got all the coaches worried, even our own

Mustang Mania
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Mustang Mania, it’s goin’ around all over town

Ol’ SMU is starting to roll, etter head down to the Cotton Bowl

Mustang Mania, it’s in the air, it’s everywhere. If you got the luck and you got the knack

You can be a Mustang Maniac


Ford can throw, Tolbert can fly, Coach Meyer knows how and sometimes why

With our kind of line, look out for the backs and Putt Choate’ll stop ’em dead in their tracks

Words and music by Howie Newman (C)1978, 2001   Chin Music (BMI)


The official fight song of the 1978 SMU football team 

From Howie's album Here We Go Again

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