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2023 CD release



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"Howie Newman is a born storyteller, utilizing thoughtful insight, skilled musicianship, and delightful humor. It Sure Beats Workin' may be his best album to date. His passion for baseball is still there – 'The Other Tony C' vividly relates an obscure true story – but there's so much more to the CD. It is definitely his most personal work and absolutely worth a listen or three."

Nick Noble

Host of The Folk Revival on WICN (Worcester (Mass.) Public Radio)

"The vocals are catchy and the production and mixing are excellent. You have a great style and master this art perfectly."

Yassine, Yellow & Black music blog


"This is lovely, uplifting, foot-tapping music. I really love the energy and spirit."

Zoe Konez, Spotify playlister


"Loved the groove."

Gabriele Catoni, Spotify playlister



"Great songs and great vibes."

7 Layers music blog

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