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2023 release on Major League Records

Words and music by Howie Newman

Chin Music (BMI)


When I was growing up, I used to sing in the shower

And dream about being a rock ’n’ roll star

Then I grew up and got paid by the hour

And learned that dreamin’ wouldn’t get you too far

But in the back of my mind, I always kept my hopes alive


I got a guitar, wrote a bunch of songs

Got some played on the radio

Played a lot of gigs and before too long

Finally figured out it was the way to go

And all the while, I just had to smile    


It sure beats workin’ any day

Just the thought of makin’ music

And paying my own way

Makes me happy through and through

It sure beats workin’, that’s the truth


1. It Sure Beats Workin'

2. Hannah's Song
3. Cosmic Garbageman Rag

4. The Class of 2020

5. The Other Tony C

6. A Little Sympathy

7. Way Past My Bedtime

8. Lies, Lies, Lies

9. What Did We Do?

10. You Can't Fool Me

11. Wait Until Next Year

I ain’t rich, I don’t live in a mansion. I drive around town in a beat-up car

But I got a job that really is a passion, got a hold on me deep down in my heart

And my oh my, I’m just a lucky guy     


I always thought a dollar earned in music is really worth a whole lot more

But I’ve had no luck explaining that philosophy to the bank and the grocery store


The new generation is here, the new generation is here

This tiny little person is someone we hold dear

The new generation is here


A brand new life will unfold before our eyes

She may become a doctor or fly the friendly skies

Every step along the way is something we will share

The only thing we know for sure is she will get more hair


Each and every day brings something new

Maybe it’s the way she moves or how she looks at you

Or a little gurgle we think might be a word

Either way, it’s the sweetest thing you’ve ever heard


We will all wonder what will happen next

She will learn to crawl and take her baby step

She will grow in leaps and bounds and one thing will be clear

We will celebrate a new generation here


If you take a trip on a rocket ship some warm September day

All you’d see is garbage messing up our Milky Way

Now scientists are curious folks but you’d think they had enough   

They shoot this stuff out into space but no one cleans it up

Loose antennas, floatin’ wires, burned out engines, lunar tires

I’m the one who picks it up in my cosmic garbage truck

Solar panels, busted sockets, wayward capsules, retro rockets

The man with the can, I’m your cosmic garbageman


Being a cosmic garbageman, I really can’t complain

It’s always nice and quiet, and there’s never any rain

The pay is good, the hours ain’t bad, got a pension plan to boot

I really don’t mind the meteorites but it’s too far to commute


We’re traveling places nowadays beyond man’s wildest dreams

But no matter where you go in life, someone’s gotta clean


We are all graduates, the Class of 2020

We’re the lucky ones who made it through

We are all survivors in the land of plenty

We outran the darkness and the doom


We salute the brave souls who helped us reach this moment

We will not forget the ones who cared

And we forever mourn the ones who didn’t make it

The emptiness is something we all shared


We tuned out the noise from those who would divide us

Stayed together though we were apart

We prayed for the day when the madness would subside us

Until that day, we all did our part

THE OTHER TONY C                                            

July the third in ’66, baseball history in the mix

That day, the Giants played Tony Cloninger and the Braves

Tony C was on the hill. You don’t remember him?

Well, now you will. It was his claim to fame. Hit two grand slams in that game


The Braves scored three to start the day, two men on with two away

It was only the first inning, but the fun was just beginning      

Dennis Menke walked to the plate

Skipper Herman Franks said “Wait! The strategy is clear:

Let’s walk Menke …  and pitch to Tony C.”

He took a mighty cut, hit a long fly ball. The baseball soared right over the wall

Tony C would touch ’em all on that historic day

Four runs in, just one swing, pretty good, a beautiful thing

Once around was really nice, in that game, he did it twice

Last chorus: One grand slam was really nice, on that day, he did it twice


On to inning number four. Up by nine, the Braves got more

Torre reached, so did Bolling. Two men out, but they were rolling

Menke walked up to the plate and Herman Franks said “Wait!

Lightning can’t strike twice. Let’s walk Menke …  and pitch to Tony C.”


Now, Tony C was not quite done. His single plated one more run

On the day, nine RBIs, a mark no pitcher would reprise

Pitching-wise, he did just fine. Struck out five and went all nine

On both sides of the ball … Tony C, he did it all


I heard you’ve been around town, knockin’ at my door

Tryin’ to get in touch with me ’cause that’s what friends are for

I’m gonna try and tell you exactly how I feel

You really broke my heart and it ain’t completely healed


So go away from me now, I ain’t done cryin’

I wanna be your friend but I need more time

Y’know that things ain’t been easy since you said goodbye

So I need a little sympathy and a lot more time


When you said farewell, I thought it was the end

I’d never have to worry ’bout seeing you again

But a friend of mine just called and she told me on the phone

That you want to come and see me ’stead of leaving me alone


Please don’t get offended by what I have to say

I’ve just got to tell you that it’s easier this way

Y’know it’s hard to think about the past and wonder why

But it’s harder still to look a disappointment in the eye



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