Scheduled for 2023 release on Major League Records

Words and music by Howie Newman

Chin Music (BMI)

THE OTHER TONY C                                            

July the third in ’66, baseball history in the mix

That day, the Giants played Tony Cloninger and the Braves Tony C was on the hill. You don’t remember him?

Well, now you will

It was his claim to fame. Hit two grand slams in that game


The Braves scored three to start the day

Two men on with two away

It was only the first inning but the fun was just beginning       Dennis Menke walked to the plate

kipper Herman Franks said “Wait! The strategy is clear:

Let’s walk Menke …  and pitch to Tony C.”



1. It Sure Beats Workin'

2. Hannah's Song
3. Cosmic Garbageman Rag

4. The Class of 2020

5. Lies, Lies, Lies

6. The Other Tony C

7. What Did We Do?

8. A Little Sympathy

9. You Can't Fool Me Fool Me

10. Wait Until Next Year

He took a mighty cut, hit a long fly ball. The baseball soared right over the wall

Tony C would touch ’em all on that historic day

Four runs in, just one swing, pretty good, a beautiful thing

Once around was really nice, in that game, he did it twice

Last chorus: One grand slam was really nice, on that day, he did it twice


On to inning number four. Up by nine, the Braves got more

Torre reached, so did Bolling. Two men out, but they were rolling

Menke walked up to the plate and Herman Franks said “Wait!

Lightning can’t strike twice. Let’s walk Menke …  and pitch to Tony C.”


Now, Tony C was not quite done. His single plated one more run

On the day, nine RBIs, a mark no pitcher would reprise

Pitching-wise, he did just fine. Struck out five and went all nine

On both sides of the ball … Tony C, he did it all

WHAT DID WE DO?                  

What did we do before the Internet? Was there a reason to get out of bed?

Wrote letters, talked face-to-face. Our fingers did the walking all over the place

Listened to the radio, read magazines

Shopped ’til we dropped. What a routine               


What did we do? How’d we survive? How did we go about and live our lives?

What did we do? How did we make it? Did we think we were tough enough to take it?


What did we do before we all had cars? Guess we couldn’t travel very far

Rode horses and went on trains. Of course, there weren’t any air-o-planes

We pedaled bikes and went by foot, most of the time we just stayed put


What did we do before we learned about fire? Took real long for our clothes to get dry

Huddled in caves ’til the morning light. All things considered, we were doing all right

We didn’t cook, couldn’t take out, had to make do with what was about


I heard you’ve been around town, knockin’ at my door

Tryin’ to get in touch with me ’cause that’s what friends are for

I’m gonna try and tell you exactly how I feel

You really broke my heart and it ain’t completely healed


So go away from me now, I ain’t done cryin’

I wanna be your friend but I need more time

Y’know that things ain’t been easy since you said goodbye

So I need a little sympathy and a lot more time


When you said farewell, I thought it was the end

I’d never have to worry ’bout seeing you again

But a friend of mine just called and she told me on the phone

That you want to come and see me ’stead of leaving me alone


Please don’t get offended by what I have to say

I’ve just got to tell you that it’s easier this way

Y’know it’s hard to think about the past and wonder why

But it’s harder still to look a disappointment in the eye

YOU CAN'T FOOL ME                                      

You can fool yourself, you can fool yourself

You can fool yourself but you can’t fool me

You can tell the world everything’s just great

You can fool yourself but you can’t fool me


You can poison the water, pollute the air, it’s out there for everyone to see

You can whine all you want about a crisis at the border but the crisis is really in D.C.    


You can tell fairy tales about all the accomplishments

Those who pay attention know the score

You can repeat all the lies and all the denials. They don’t hold water anymore


When you cater to the wealthy and the big corporations, that doesn’t do much for you and me

Pretend that it’s all for the good of the people. Who it’s good for is easy to see


This was the best damn team that I ever did see

It had strength up the middle, it had power and speed

Most of the season they could do no wrong

But when October rolled around, it was the same old song


Wait until next year, wait until next year, Exactly what went wrong is all too clear

So near and so far, close but no cigar. It’s a long, long way ’til opening day

And the winter’s getting near. Have another beer and wait until next year


We all thought it was a piece of cake, that 12-game lead at the All-Star break

But the pitching was lousy and the hitting got worse

And the next thing I knew, we were out of first


The clouts of the summer became the outs of the fall. That baseball team made fools of us all

They squandered that lead and it didn’t take long and October arrived with the same old song