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Released in 2006 on Major League Records

Words and music by Howie Newman

(c) 2006 Howie Newman  Chin Music (BMI)


Everybody's talkin', yakkin' and a-squawkin'

Everybody's talkin' on the phone

Everybody's Talkin', gabbin' while they're walkin'

Everybody's talkin' on the phone


Walkin' down the street, all the people that I meet Everyone just has to try it

How about some peace and quiet?

In a car, in a bar, wishin' on a shooting star Everybody's talkin' on the phone

Movie theater, baseball game

What a racket, such a shame

You're in a fog, you're in a  zone

Are you afraid to be alone?

Over yonder, near and far

Yappin' on a subway car

Everybody's talkin' on the phone



1. Everybody's Talkin on the Phone

2. Big in Belgium

3. Skeptical

4. Way Past My Bedtime

5. Drivin' in Boston is Drivin' Me to Drink

6. Thinkin' 'Bout You

7. Please Buy My Record

8. Weekend Warrior

9. Middle Age Love

10. Snow

11. Pushin' 30

12. Doug Miwentkiewicz

13. Never Say Never 

Elevators, shopping malls, restaurants and concert halls. Conversations left and right

,There ain't no relief in sight. You don't really need to shout it and I don't need to hear about it. Everybody's talkin' on the phone


My agent hasn't called me in 18 weeks And I really could use a few bucks

If I don't get a gig in a day or two, I'm gonna have to go back to drivin' trucks

It's makin' me crazy, it'S gettin' me down, I can't seem to make any waves in this town


But I'm big in Belgium, I'm loaded with fame

In Brussels, Antwerp and Ghent, they all know my name

They love me in Belgium, over there I'm the man.

I'm the biggest thing in Belgium since Steely Dan


All of the critics are so hard to please. The radio stations send back my CDs

The club owners hide when I walk through the door. I can't take this kind of rejection no more

I dream about playing in big sold-out halls but even my mother won't return my phone calls


I'm the rage in Liege, I'm simply huge in Brugge

A mansion waits for me, overlooking the North Sea


'Cause I'm big in Belgium, I'm loaded with fame

In Brussels, Antwerp and Ghent, they all know my name

They love me in Belgium, over there I'm reelin' in the years, stowin' away the time

I'm the biggest thing in Belgium since Steely Dan. I'm the biggest thing in Belgium ... ever


She was in love, this was the one, sometimes she felt so sure

Everything looked sunny, everything felt so secure

But a little voice inside her said, "Slow down or you'll get burned"

Indecision lurked at every turn


She was skeptical, she'd been down this road before

So skeptical, but she was peekin' through the door

She was skeptical, had no clue what was in store, but no one ever does


Sometimes it made her crazy, it would consume her every way

She would change her mind five or six times in a day

Her friends said to be careful: "You know not where you go"

But this nagging feeling sure was getting old


She leaned on intuition and looked into her heart

Something deep inside said, "It's OK, let down your guard"

She closed her eyes and held her breath, threw caution to the wind

She took a chance and I'm sure glad she did


The gang's all here, the night is young, it’s time to shake one down

Let's stay out late and celebrate, and head on into town

We've got a lot of money, the cars are filled with gas

all the clubs are open late but I think I’ll have to pass


'Cause it’s way past my bedtime, I should be home by now

There was a time when I'd feel just fine, any way and anyhow

But now those days are over and I'm feeling more serene

A few more years, you'll know just what I mean


My agent called with real good news, a steady gig at last

A hundred bucks plus dinner, everything in cash

But he said, "I gotta warn you, this ain't no matinee. You don’t go on till 10 p.m.

Do you think that it’s OK?"


I was feelin' real good but then I got a shock

I looked down at my watch and I said, “Oh my God, it’s 11 o’clock”


It's Friday night, the time is right, the working week is done

The big game's on the tube, let's go and have some fun

We've got a place to crash, we've got a lot of beer, a 56-inch TV, but there’s just one problem here




Boston is a real nice place, I've lived here most my life. And y'know that I may never leave

But when I get to travelin', my nerves begin unravelin'

'cause the way these people drive is hard to believe


Drivin' in Boston is drivin' me to drink. I shudder and I shake behind the wheel

The roads are curvin', the cars are swervin,' he whole damn thing is so unnervin'

I just can't help the way I feel


Those traffic lights, they never mind 'em, the red light’s for the guy behind 'im

No one's got the time to wait around. Don’t worry 'bout that car you bought

just don't get hit and don't get caught, and most important of all, don't ever slow down


Watch your step, don't crack it up. If you miss that turn, just back it up

If you don’t like it, you can pack it up and leave


If getting there is half the fun then the other half would have to come

When you try and find a place to put the car

Few things in this life compare to a parking spot in Harvard Square especially one that's right near a bar


It's a lovely day but I've nothing to do except think about me and think about you

I'd like to know what’s behind that smile. Someday soon we should sit and talk for a while


I've thought about us for quite some time. I'd like to believe that you’d like to be mine

But while I’m wondering if you care, I'm hiding what’s really there


Your eyes are telling me that you’re kind but I'm finding it hard to say what's on my mind

It's a lovely day, not a cloud in the sky. I think about you and wonder why


Elton John and Billy Joel don't give you no sales pitch

They don’t really need to sell their records 'cause they're already rich

But me, I've got to go and do this song and dance routine

'Cause I’m a struggling future superstar, you know what I mean


Please buy my record ... today. Please buy my record before I fade away


I ain't in the poorhouse yet but the outlook's pretty bleak

Y'know I ain't touched any solid food for almost a week

But if I could sell just one record, I could afford a Jumbo Jack

And if I could sell a couple more, then I'd get off your back



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