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Local musician adapts to the virtual reality of the pandemic

Setting up a makeshift studio in his living room, Newman performs shows for organizations in Massachusetts and beyond. "A big part of what I do is engaging the audience," he said. "It's one voice and one guitar on a computer screen. You have to make it different, make it fun and develop some sort of relationship with the viewers." Read the whole story



It's all fun and games by Dick Trust

A singer-songwriter-turned-sportswriter-turned-singer-songwriter again, Newman is deft at presenting a humorous bent. Serious tunes find their way into shows, too, and their lilt is easy listening. But it's the funny stuff, the unexpected twist in his lyrics, that brings the laughs.

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Feature interview by Brian Owens

Hailed as "whimsical" by critics, radio jocks and fans alike, Newman is a storyteller of the highest order who has a keen eye for chronicling everyday life in his songs with a light heart and plaintive voice.

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CD review: When You're Happy by Francis DiMenno

This is a pleasurable romp sure to appeal to people who appreciate folk songs with a bit of gentle humor. Read the whole story



Wisecracker not your typical folkie by Denise Taylor

Between witty ballads like "Big in Belgium" and "Drivin' in Boston Is Drivin' Me to Drink," Newman also takes audience polls, trolls for impromptu back-up singers, and riffs on whatever comes to mind.

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MLB.COM, official website of Major League Baseball

Three decades of baseball songs by Doug Miller

Howie Newman, the Boston-based singer, songwriter and baseball nut, recently released an album of clever, funny and heartfelt baseball songs, Baseball's Greatest Hits, Volume 2.

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CD review: Trust Me, You'll Like it by Tom Peterson

Howie Newman is a scream, particularly if you are 40-something. He has a special talent for expressing those things that we often think but rarely discuss or are too polite to bring up.

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Newman plays a comeback tune by Wendy Killeen

Newman's life experience – he's been divorced, remarried, and has children – is perfect for the coffeehouse set. "His audience is living it," said Janet Feld. "There is nothing better than going to a show and thinking, 'This guy is singing about me.'"

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Helping Our Neighbors by Daniel DeMaina

Newman thought it would be nice to have Melrose musicians and businesses supporting a nonprofit organization that provides for people in Melrose.

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Howie Newman's second life as a folk musician by Charlene Arsenualt

Newman has fine-tuned his show from the early '80s. Playing pop folk with usually funny lyrics (he's got a few serious tunes), Newman's songs are in the same vein as those of Barenaked Ladies.

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