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From the Howie Newman EP, Baseball's Greatest Hits, Volume 2


Parody of "It’s the End of the World as We Know It (and I Feel Fine)"

Original words and music by Berry/Buck/Mills/Stipe

New lyrics by Howie Newman

It's the End of the Curse and We Know It
00:00 / 03:28

That’s great, it starts with a two-out walk,

Then a steal off New York’s ace

Roberts stood at second base. Sox were down three to none

Everybody said they’re done

Mueller up the middle, in came the tying run


Boston pen wouldn’t bend, Yanks never scored again

No panic, Leskanic, Fenway’s getting really manic

Papi took a big hack, the ball went way back, into the night


In a New York minute, Sox are back in it

Breathing down their necks

14th inning, more winning, Yanks are spinning

Ortiz did it one more time


Next night, Yanks are tight, bloody sock, such a shock

Big Schill shutdown, Bellhorn downtown

All tied, what a ride, keep it going one more night

A-Rod tried slapping but the umps weren’t napping and we’re feeling pretty psyched


It’s the end of the curse and we know it. It’s the end of the curse and we know it

It’s the end of the curse and we know it. And I feel fine


Everything on the line, Damon 3 for 29. Wham bam, grand slam, Sox cruise, sea of boos

Brown’s done after one, na na hey hey. Boston bats just wouldn’t go away-hey

Varitek, Nixon, Wakefield, Timlin, Pokey Reese, Cabrera, Embree and Millar, Bronson Arroyo

Ramirez and Pedro never gave it up, got ’em where they are

Mighty good, mighty fine, it was the greatest comeback of all time

Midwest Big Dance, Cards had no chance, four straight in ’04, Foulke came and shut the door

Derek Lowe three and oh, Manny took the trophy home, no more screamin’ 1918

The bats were a-blazing, the pitching was amazing. What else can you say?

(c) 2008 Howie Newman   Chin Music (BMI)


Howie Newman

Acoustic guitar

Lead and backup vocals

Rob Ignazio


Chris Anzalone


Steve Mayone

Electric guitar


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