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The Knock on Wood 2022 Tour has a few new dates. For starters, our Aug. 6 concert in Sudbury has been rescheduled for Saturday, Sept. 10. Time to be announced.


We’ve also had a few minor time changes. Of course, you always want to get there early to get a good spot but please check the Knock on Wood page to confirm the time and location. I always do. Haven’t missed a show yet.


We had our biggest crowd of the year on July 13 in Kennebunk, Maine. More than 300 folks showed up at Lafayette Park and it was a great time. It’s a terrific venue with a nice stage shaded by trees, plenty of seating and lots of greenery. We hope to return next year.


And get this: Knock on Wood has put together a special show for senior centers. We do oldies, Elvis, Johnny Cash and some of our usual stuff. It’s been very well received in West Bridgewater, Salem, N.H., Billerica and Wilmington.


New date on the schedule: Wednesday, Nov. 30, at the Luneburg Public Library, 6:30-8 p.m. It’s an indoor show.


For additional info, including our schedule, videos and other propaganda, visit


The newest member of Knock on Wood is Dave Talmage, a very talented guy who plays fiddle, mandolin, banjo, guitar and a host of other instruments. He is also a terrific lead and backup vocalist. In the future, we’ll be working his banjo and guitar playing into the repertoire.


Well-versed in many types of music, Dave lends his unique style to country, folk, rock, Irish, blues and jazz. He's a past winner of the Tennessee Songwriters Competition and runner-up in New England Banjo Championship.


Dave will be joining me for the Aug. 3 concert in Hudson, Mass., and also Aug. 25 in Rochester, N.H. There are some photos of him on the Knock on Wood page


Just about everyone says that nobody is interested in CDs anymore. Digital music is the way to go, right? CD are so 1990-ish.


Well, I beg to differ. I’ve sold more than 100 CDs this year and I’m threatening to break my all-time record. So take that, you millennial or Gen Z or whatever (I’m actually not quite sure what those terms mean). People still own CD players, have cars with CD players or like to have an album that can be held in one’s hand. Face it, there’s too much junk on your phone already; start diversifying.


OK, most CD owners are mostly older folks but they (we?) still impact the music biz. You can still purchase compact disks from me at my gigs or online (visit and this won’t change anytime soon.   



Only three left but here’s a new one on the schedule: Monday, Aug. 22, at the Whitman Senior Center (1-2 p.m.).


All shows are free but check with the venue to see if advance registration is required. For more info visit



Unfortunately, the Knock on Wood show at Appleton Farms in Ipswich on July 23 was cancelled due to the oppressive heat. We’re hoping to reschedule.


We do have another farm gig on the horizon (Aug. 19 at Kimball Farm in Westford) and it’s a Friday evening show. If you want to bring kids and check out the farm, it’s probably best to come before the concert.


Kimball Farm arm has homemade ice cream, an outdoor Grill & Seafood Shack, 50 acres of fun activities, and a cozy Country Store and Cafe. For more info, visit  


Stay cool. Hope to see you soon.



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JULY 2022