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Baseball’s Greatest Hits, Volume 3, is on the planning docket for 2022. “Wait Until Next Year” is going to be rerecorded and I’ll be adding four new songs, including “The Ballad of Mike Hessman (from When You’re Happy) along with “The Other Tony C (my most recent hardball classic) and “Knuckleball,” which is almost finished. I just need one more track to make it EP length (five songs) and I’m working on a few ideas.


The new album might come in handy next year when/if the owners and players can’t come together on a new collective bargaining agreement and there’s no season. Diehard fans might just be looking for some baseball-related entertainment. I’m ready.



There has been a lot to be thankful for this year: My great loving family (including a new granddaughter!) and friends. Some partial relief from the pandemic. An adult president. Full sports seasons, with fans (what a concept).


You just can’t take anything for granted these days. I’ve read numerous accounts of musicians who went long periods of time before performing for live audiences. Some of them are still struggling to find gigs.


That’s why I’m very grateful to resume a semblance of normalcy with my music this year. It wasn’t a typical year by any stretch of the imagination, but I was able to play 80 gigs. That fell quite a bit short of my usual schedule, but it was more than enough to keep me busy. I started with Zoom shows, then transitioned to concerts in front of real people in May. It’s something I appreciated more than ever.


My folk-rock duo, Knock on Wood (, had been playing outdoor summer shows since 2015 so there was no real changeover to open-air concerts. We did 27 shows, almost all of them outdoors.


And we’ve got one more concert this year: Sunday, Dec. 19, at the Boyden Library in Foxboro, 2-3:30 p.m. It’s indoors.


Thanks to everyone who came out to hear live music this year and also the great folks who worked hard to make the shows happen. We’re all very grateful.


KOW 22

Speaking of …


Knock on Wood is back for its eighth season. There’s only one definite booking in 2022 (June 26) but it’s still very, very early in the process and we’ve got lots of irons in the fire. We also have lots of good prospects and contacts. Stay tuned.



Have a great holiday season and a Happy New Year. Hope to see you in 2022 (if you don’t make it down to Foxboro).


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