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Much credit, and deservedly so, has been given to both sides in the recently ended baseball lockout. Compromise and common sense finally prevailed so we will have a baseball season after all.


I’d like to get some props, too, since I had a major hand in this. In my last newsletter, I wrote:


“By the time I play my next baseball show, March 24 in Hopkinton, there had better be some serious hardball in Florida and Arizona. Or else.”


I think the powers-that-be took notice. I’m not just some random fanatic. I’ve written more than a dozen baseball songs and have two baseball CDs. I perform baseball shows. My Dump the DH bumper sticker is in the Hall of Fame (see if you don’t believe me). And I have 63 followers on Twitter.


That, evidently, counts for something. It’s no coincidence that the lockout ended shortly after I delivered my ultimatum through this newsletter, which has literally hundreds of subscribers (some of whom actually read it). Plus, the newsletter is posted on my website, reaching a huge – but yet-to-be-determined – number of readers from all over the world.


Too bad they never consulted me about the DH in the National League and the extra-inning ghost runner (ugh). I would’ve set them straight.


Bookings for the Knock on Wood 2022 Tour are coming in just about every day. We’re up to 23 dates, with five committed concerts yet to be scheduled. They’re all free, outdoors and fun.


It’s an all-ages, family-friendly show. We love everybody. We play Classic Rock, a few of my songs, some oldies and a handful of kids’ songs. Concert dates will be updated in real time so check the Knock on Wood page for details.



Included in the tour are two dates at farms:


  • Appleton Farms, 219 County Rd., Ipswich

       Saturday, July 23, 2-4 p.m.


  • Kimball Farm, 400 Littleton Rd., Westford

       Friday, Aug. 19, 6-8 p.m.


Both are free and open to the public.

Stay safe. Hope to see you soon.


Click here for the concert calendar and scheduling updates.

MARCH 2022