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It’s monthly, it’s free, it’s better late than never (hey, it’s still March).

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My upcoming CD, It Sure Beats Workin’, will be released the first week in April. The mastered tracks should be arriving any day and, as soon as they’re here, I’ll ship them off to the Major League Records manufacturing facility in Melrose, Mass. You can be sure they’ll be working overtime to get this out on the streets.


I have to admit it came out great. I was fortunate enough to work with amazing musicians, engineers and vocalists. To kick off the official distribution, I am making an offer you simply can’t refuse. Or shouldn’t, anyway. If you purchase a copy of It Sure Beats Workin’ anytime in the month of April, you’ll receive a free copy of Trust Me, You’ll Like It, my first full-length album, released in 2006.


Just mention this newsletter when you make your purchase. The price for the 11-song It Sure Beats Workin’ CD is $10 plus $3 for shipping. You can order through the Buy a CD page or contact me for other payment options. 


You’ll can also order individual mp3 tracks, or the whole album, on traditional digital outlets like iTunes, Amazon and Spotify. Since it’s a new release, however, this option might not be available right away. If you’ve gotta have the mp3s ASAP, you can order directly from me. Just send an email and I’ll take care of it.  


For more information, visit



As if the above announcement isn’t incredibly mind-blowing in its own right, chomp on this item: The album will have its own video.


Yes, it’s true. With the help of my technical crew in Los Angeles (OK, it’s my son, Keith), we’ve put together an amazing video of Hannah’s Song (Hannah is my granddaughter). It is an adorable collection of videos and photos from Hannah’s first year-and-a-half, set to the song on the album. Hannah even has a small speaking part and her mother, Jen, sings backup vocals.


That, too, is scheduled to be released next week. A formal announcement and a link to the video will be posted on my home page.


We’re not finished booking yet but Knock on Wood, my acoustic folk-rock duo, has set a record for most concerts in a calendar year. So far, we’re scheduled for 38 shows.


This is the busiest tour of our nine-year existence. We’ve already done three concerts, with a bunch more on tap, and should be coming to a town near you (if you live in New England). We’ll be touring through Massachusetts, Maine and New Hampshire.


Visit the Knock on Wood page for our 2023 schedule and real-time updates.



With all these shows, I’ve had to add a new partner to the KOW roster. Abe Dewing, a terrific musician and vocalist, has joined the team and will be working with me at the Boston-area shows. We did our first show earlier this month and it was great. I’m looking forward to playing with Abe this year.


A versatile performer, he adds his own personal touch on fiddle and mandolin. His style is a combination of folk, pop, bluegrass, jazz and classical.


As a member of the Greater Boston Youth Symphony Orchestra, Abe toured in Great Britain, Austria, Hungary and Yugoslavia. He went on to form the Fusion String Ensemble – an energetic combo that blended rock, pop and jazz – and Deceptive Lemons, a bluegrass band.


Abe has performed at Gillette Stadium and LeLacheur Park (Lowell Spinners) was well as Symphony Hall and Lincoln Center.



Hope to see you at a show real soon.


Click here for the concert calendar and scheduling updates.

MARCH 2023


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