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from Howie's album, When You're Happy

The Ballad of Mike Hessman (Minor League
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The Ballad of Mike Hessman

Words and music by Howie Newman

If you mention Mike Hessman, that name might not ring a bell

But he’s a legend in his own right with a grand story to tell

He hit more home runs than any minor leaguer ever did

It took dedication, heart and soul, and a ton of grit


He just kept playing ’cause he loved it, living out his dream

Playing baseball for a living ever since he was eighteen

The years flew by just like the wind, he never lost that thirst

Becoming minor league home run king was a blessing and curse


It started out in Macon, young Mike just had no fear

1997, he hit 21 that year. Danville, Greenville and Myrtle Beach along the way

The homers kept a-coming on the road to Triple-A


The year that Mike tuned thirty, he was still in Triple-A

Then thirty-one and thirty-two, the time just slipped away

He played in Mexico and Japan, Venezuela, too

Sixteen teams in twenty years ’til fin’lly he was through


Did Mike ever make the majors? The answer is yes

He had cups of coffee with the Braves, the Tigers and the Mets

Fourteen big-league homers, five seasons in the show

With a little luck, he might’ve stuck. I guess we’ll never know

(c) 2016, 2024  Howie Newman  Chin Music (BMI)


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